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Pasadena Friendship Community Development Corporation is an outgrowth of the faith based services to the community by the Historic Friendship Baptist Church.  For more than 110 years the church has served the needs of its members and the community, and for nearly 100 years historic landmark edifice has been a beacon of shared spirit in Old Pasadena.

Now through the establishment of the Pasadena Friendship Community Development Corporation, our outreach efforts are geared toward expansion to various avenues of community involvement and support. The Pasadena Friendship Community Development Corporation (PFCDC) seeks to address the issues of housing, health, senior services, youth services and economic development.

Established as a 501(c)(3), PFCDC will work to bring additional financial, housing and program resources to the greeter Pasadena/Altadena area. As an independent organizaon the PFCDC will be able to draw on the human resources within the church community and create a talent bank of skills and services to assist in carrying out its mission.  In addition the PFCDC will seek grants, program funding, special financing, corporate and private contrition to carry out its mission. Further PFCDC will develop self generating fund raising activities to provide core funding for programs.


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